5 Cruelty-Free Highlighters to Make You Glow

I dont know about you, but as soon as we hit November 1st my brain goes straight into Christmas planning mode.

This also usually coincides with the party seasonthat comes with the winter weather, when we tend to start shopping for all things glitter. But hey, even if we can’t have a winter full of parties this year, who says we can’t glam up for own living room?

Whether you’re looking for a little something from you-to-you, or a nice Christmas gift for your bestie, I’ve rounded up my top five highlighters from some of my favourite cruelty-free beauty brands.


E.L.F. Jelly Highlighter - £6

I first heard about this one when it won the 2020 Glamour Beauty Awards, and the whole brand is cruelty free, vegan, and extremely affordable! If that’s not a win in the name of ethical beauty, I don’t know what is.

The jelly-like texture is super unique and melts beautifully into the skin, creating a lovely luminescent sheen without giving you that reflective look that some highlighters do.

Moxi Loves: E.L.F. Jelly Highlighter

E.L.F. Jelly Highlighter


NYX Born to Glow Illuminating Powder - £15

I absolutely love NYX as a brand it has a great mix of core products and really out-there, vivid colours both for a super affordable price. I love to use this illuminating for that lovely all-over glow.

The soft glitter and the fact that this is a loose powder allows it to be used easily on both the face and body to achieve an effortless bronzing highlight; perfect for the ‘party’ season and that Kim Kshoulder highlight that we all strive to achieve.

With an array of different shades to choose from, the powder works great on all skin tones for a flawless glow!

Moxi Loves: Nyx Born To Glow Illuminating Powder

Nyx Born To Glow Illuminating Powder


Glossier Haloscope - £18

This cream highlighter stick from fairly new-to-the-scene brand Glossier is absolutely perfect if you want to achieve that trendy dewy glow, which matches the brand’s ‘your skin but better’ selling point.

Overall, Glossier brands itself on that minimal, effortless cool-girl vibe and this highlighter totally gives that effect.

The ‘Haloscope’s’ two-in-one formula features a moisturising core to hydrate the skin who doesn’t love a makeup/skincare hybrid?

Moxi Loves: Glossier Haloscope

Glossier Haloscope


Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo - £28

Ive been absolutely obsessed with this highlighter for the past year or so; it honestly never fails to take my makeup look to the next level.

Also, anything from Rihanna is just immediately cool, right?!

Theres loads of shades to work for every skin tone, but my favourite thing about it is that you get one side with a more subtle, soft highlight and the other side with more intense pigment and sparkle. I love to use the more intense side on my eyes for a gorgeous inner- corner highlight.

Moxi Loves: Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo


Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder - £38

While this product is on the pricier side, its honestly totally worth it. Even though its a powder product, it gives you that perfect lit from withintype of glow, which is just beautiful.

This highlighter seriously feels like a luxury product. As it doesnt have any actual glitter in it, you do really get the glowwithout a blinding highlight and streaks of glitter all over great for that glass skinlook thats so in right now.

Moxi Loves:

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Now get ready to sparkle your way through this dreary winter, well get through this together!
Love, Pam xx

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