5 Fang-tastic ideas for your #SquadGhouls this Halloween

5 Fang-tastic ideas for your #SquadGhouls this Halloween

Spooky season 2020 is finally here, but its arrival is bittersweet as the pandemic drags on.
With the Government encouraging families to forgo the traditional trick or treating; Halloween is set to look very different this year for most of us across the country. This is leaving many parents questioning whether their kids are going to be missing out on the fun they should be having at this time of year.
So, if you're dying to get halloween crazy but struggling to think up socially distant alternatives to Trick or Treating.. read on and be inspired by our Halloween-loving-spook-finatic employee with her top 5 things to do this Halloween!

1. Halloween Themed Cocktails

In my family, we love any excuse for a cocktail session, and the recipes below are my favourite picks for Halloween!

Moxi Loves Halloween Cocktail Horrifying Hot Coco
Okay so the hot chocolate isn't that spooky, it was just an excuse to put rum into my daily hot chocolate fix, but add in the red food coloring to give a bloody appearance, or furnish with halloween themed chocolates and you’ve got yourself a terrifying treat!
Make these for the kids too, just leave out the rum!

  • ½ tsp red food colouring (optional)
  • 25ml Dark Rum
  • 2 tsp Thick Caramel
  • 150ml Whole Milk
  • 50g Milk Chocolate - Chopped
  • Pinch Salt

Step 1: In a small bowl, mix together the rum and caramel until smooth then set aside.
Step 2: Warm the milk in a saucepan over a medium heat until simmering. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate and stir until melted. Pop the pan back on the heat until warm then add the rum mixture and a pinch of flaky sea salt.
Step 3: Serve and garnish with Halloween chocolates.

Moxi Loves Halloween Cocktail Vampire Kiss
A classic, quick and easy cocktail to make if you aren’t feeling so daring. Make your typical Woo Woo, add a few drops of red food colouring and be sure to give your guests a fright. If you’re feeling adventurous and have friends to please, serve in a pitcher accompanied with a few bowls of halloween sweets.

  • Ice
  • 50ml Vodka
  • 50ml Peach Schnapps
  • 300-400mls of Cranberry Juice
  • Assorted Sweets
  • Red Food Colouring

Simply mix all the ingredients!

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Moxi Loves Halloween Mask

2. Decorate Halloween Themed Face Masks

We suggest using face paints to decorate your face masks as they have been specifically designed to be used on your face and so they are chemical free!Buy some plain white cotton face masks and get creative.Why not draw on vampire fangs, spiders or go pumpkin style?

Moxi Loves Halloween Pumpkin Carving

3. Have a Zoom Pumpkin Carving Party

Pumpkin carving has always been an anticipated event in our family involving friends, relatives and copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol. The kids get disgustingly messy carving their pumpkins while the adults reminisce on the time before a kilo of chocolate had been eaten by their 3 year old over a glass of vino. Feel familiar?

This year, why not keep the tradition alive and make your pumpkin carving party online. Get the witches cloak out (the one you've had in your wardrobe for nearly a decade for its yearly appearance), put on a witchy wig, decorate the house and invite your child’s friends and family to a virtual costume- pumpkin carving party.
We recommend accompanying this with our spooky cocktails!

4. Why not create Trick or Treating in your own home?

Think easter bunny meets Cruela De Vil and you have a spooky scavenger hunt.
Get dressed up and hide sweets around the house. I suggest putting some in some hard to find places and writing clues down to help them find the harder spots.
My favourite hiding place is inside the kettle. It’s a good hint to them that they should be making you more cups of tea! *make sure the kettle is cold before putting chocolates inside and that goodies have been found before you make your next cuppa!*

5. Dress your dog up in a spooky (but super cute!) outfit.

This one may not be so scary, but a definite winner amongst friends and family members. We have some real winners for costume suppliers this year! This year there are more creative costume designs leading to many laughs when I had a search online. Popular stores such as Asda, Tesco, Boohoo and Amazon have great affordable deals. Here are some I found; all cute and hilarious at the same time...

Asda: Moxi Loves Asada Halloween Dog Costume
Boohoo: Moxi Loves Halloween Boohoo Dog Costume


The Pirate one cracked me up! P.s if you’re a student don't forget to add your student discount at check out!

Amazon: Moxi Loves Amazon Halloween Dog Costumes
Ok - admittedly Amazon had THE most hilarious costumes.
Staying in is the new going out, so get halloween night out ready and snap some selfies and
use our hashtag #MOXILOVERS so we can see you!

The End of the Night

Don't forget your MOXI LOVES barefaced cleansing pads to remove your halloween makeup, or you can use the cleansing pads to simply refresh and give your skin a much deserved treat before bed!

Moxi Loves Barefaced Wipes Halloween Blog
Staying in is the new going out, so get halloween night out ready and snap some selfies and
use our hashtag #MoxiLovers so we can see you!

Enjoy! x

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