5 Uses for Moxi Loves ‘Bare Faced’

Like many of you I’m sure, lockdown mixed with the pending Christmas-season has meant my brain has been in de-cluttering mode, which has inevitably led to me looking at my skincare collection. I started to think about which products I genuinely use the most, and realised that one product that is never switched out of rotation are my Moxi Loves ‘Bare Faced’ cleansing pads.


Truth be told, I use them for everything. Being a business owner, one thing I’m massively strict about is only putting out products that I genuinely love and use myself and Bare Faced is no exception.

If you’ve never seen them before, Bare Faced pads are infused with cleanser, so you just add water to them and you’re good to go! The pads are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, with natural ingredients like Aloe, Carrot and Vitamin E extracts for a super gentle cleanse.

As I’ve been thinking about it over the past week or so and clocking how many times I use them, I thought it’d be helpful to share with you the many different ways in which they can be used during your every-day!


Moxi Loves Barefaced Wipes

As a cleanser

To be fair, this one’s kind of the obvious one – basically what it says on the tin. But this doesn’t make it any less useful! To cleanse, I love to (gently) swipe the cleansing pad over my face to get rid of the day’s build up of nasties, especially on a lazy day.

The soothing Vitamin E and Aloe gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture, creating the perfect base for skincare while removing any traces of makeup and daily nasties that may have been left behind.

If I’m feeling extra (which is most days, lets be honest) or its been a heavy makeup day, I’ll use the pads as a second step in my cleansing routine, following a liquid or oil-based face wash.


As a makeup remover

The Bare Faced pads are perfect as a lovely, gentle makeup remover. The formula literally melts makeup away, meaning that you don’t have to really go in and tug at your skin (I’m not ready for you yet, wrinkles).

My favourite thing about this is that I find a lot of micellar waters amazing at getting rid of skin makeup but not quite enough for the eyes, so I love that the Bare Faced pads are genuinely great for both.


As a quick refresh

Now more than ever, I find myself needing a quick skin-refresh during the day. With mask- wearing becoming our new normal, it’s important that we’re keeping our skin clean to avoid the dreaded ‘maskne’ that we’ve all come to know and hate.

After a sweaty workout or popping to the shops and wearing a mask, I like to just give my skin a quick cleanse with the Bare Faced pads and I feel instantly cleaner and refreshed. For more on how to avoid ‘maskne’, we wrote a whole post about it if you’d like to check that out!


As a primer

This one may sound a little out there, but here me out.

On the occasion when I’m wearing minimal makeup but still want a nice dewy base, I find that a regular makeup primer can sometimes be a little too much and cause everything to be a bit too dewy (oily looking), which I’m not all that into.

The skin-calming ingredients of the Bare Faced pads create a perfect, smooth base for makeup to sit on while subtly reducing redness in the skin, creating an overall more even complexion. Honestly, try it!


To clean makeup brushes

Now I don’t recommend doing this all the time, as your makeup brushes really do need a proper deep clean every week or so. But that being said, we’re not all perfect and sometimes you just don’t have the time!

As usual, I just wet the pad and swirl the brush around it in circular motions and voila, clean brush! The bacteria build up on your makeup brushes is insane, so just giving them all a quick cleanse in-between proper washes may be the ultimate thing that your skin needs to avoid a breakout.

As always, I hope my recommendations have helped out!


Happy cleansing love, Pam xx

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