Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers for Under €5

Since we’re all probably doing the majority of our Christmas shopping online this year, I’ve found myself lacking gift-inspiration – especially not being able to browse the shelves.


It’s been a tough year, and what better way to say you care about someone than with a gift? And not everything has to be expensive!

I’ve had a think and put together a list of really thoughtful stocking fillers for under 5 – because giving doesn’t always have to be so expensive!


Travel-sized Beauty

Have a beauty-lover in your life and not sure what to get them? Worry no further!

I truly love to gift people mini versions of my tried-and-true favourite beauty products, so they can try them too.

Not only is getting the travel-size equivalent a much more budget-friendly option, but it means that if the product isn’t their fav after all, then it’s not going to go to waste.

Skincare and makeup can be a great gift to give to someone who loves that kind of thing, as it can feel like such a luxury even if you’ve only spent 5.

There’s some great bits around for an affordable price, especially at this time of year when so many websites are putting out sale after sale.

Moxi Loves: lip gloss set

This lip gloss set is only 5 for all three in Boots, and the sparkle in them just screams festive. The shade range is perfect if you’re not sure what type of nude lip to get, and the brand is 100% cruelty free!


Fluffy socks

In general, socks are a Christmas essential. Everyone loves them so really, that means you can’t go wrong.

But let’s be honest, normal socks can be a little bit boring. Fluffy socks on the other hand – you have yourself a winner.

We’re all spending more time at home than usual at the moment, and it’s nice to be able to get really snuggled up and cosy, starting from the toes up! Penney’s always have some great fluffy socks on offer for super cheap, and ASOS have got some fun festive slipper-sock hybrids in right now.


Face Masks

In this less than normal year (to say the least) we’ve had to adapt to mask-wearing as part of our everyday life; so we might as well take it on the chin, eh? No pun intended!

Gifting someone a nice reusable mask in a colour you know they love can be really useful, and you know they’re pretty much guaranteed to get use out of it!

These bejewelled masks from Irish costume designer Lauren Murphy come in so many different colours and can even have a name put on, so you can easily personalise it to the person that you’re buying for.

I love how different these masks are to so many others on the market – they’re so glam! These masks would definitely make a super special stocking filler for the sparkle-lover in your life.

Moxi Loves: lovelauriex Face Masks

One of my fav new trends is matching your masks to your accessories because I mean, how 2020 is that?! I am absolutely in love with these scrunchie and mask sets from Pretty Little Props. If you’re wanting to splash out a little extra for a double-whammy type of gift, these matching sets are 9.50 and come in so many beautiful patterns.



Games are such a fun stocking filler to receive – it’s so nice to have something to do during those slow moments of time over the Christmas period.

While our Christmases may be smaller this year, there’s no reason that we can’t still have some fun with our ‘Christmas bubble’, is there?

Moxi Loves: ‘Christmas fun trivia’ game

This little ‘Christmas fun trivia’ game is only 4 from John Lewis, and is sure to bring laughs to the table. And the box is pretty too, so won’t look like an eyesore set out with the Christmas decorations!



Everybody needs a good notebook, and they can make a really lovely gift. One of my favourite places to go for these is TK Maxx as they’ve got some unique ones for pretty much every niche interest going.

If you’re looking to get something online, I also love Etsy to find some great notebooks by small businesses – double bonus to support them this Christmas too! Amazon have some amazing notebooks too, with every colour under the sun.

Moxi Loves: Gift Artisans Notebooks

These personalised notebooks from ‘The Gift Artisans’ can be found on Etsy for under 5 and are so lovely and personal. Although shipping is an extra 3, that’s still such a bargain for an independent business!

Moxi Loves:  Luxury planner

If you’re looking for a luxury planner for someone special, then CGD London are a great brand to splash out on. They have such fab designs, and can also be personalised for that extra touch! The planners sit at 31 each, but they have some great sales on throughout the month if you want to get your hands on one.


Something homemade

There’s honestly nothing more personal than a homemade gift – it really does show that you’ve put thought and care into it.

If you’re into baking, think about giving someone a lovely box of baked goods! Not only is it a really nice thing to receive, it absolutely shows that you’ve put time into your gift.

If you’re like me and you’re not an avid baker, then this may not be the route for you. But there’s lots of amazing Christmas crafts that you could do that would make the perfect stocking filler!

Moxi Loves: Perfect stocking filler

For this, Pinterest is your best friend. One that I definitely want to try this year are these DIY hot chocolate jars from ‘Vogue Spain’s’ Pinterest account because they look so cute but still easy to do. They’re great to do on a budget, too!


I hope this has helped you out if you’ve been struggling with that to buy – I know I have – and that your Christmas shopping goes as smoothly as possible!

Love, Pam xx

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