Ocado's Best Beauty Secrets

If you’re anything like me, doing a big food shop is usually one of the most dreaded on the weekly to-do list. For this reason, I’ve become a huge fan of doing my food shopping online in recent years.

Especially in the recent months, I’ve definitely opted to do the bulk of my shopping online, to avoid going out wherever possible. For this, my absolute fav platform for an online grocery shop is Ocado they tend to have pretty much everything I ever need.

One of my most favourite things about Ocado, and why I’m drawn to them over other sites, is the amazing range of skincare and beauty products they stock.

I know that this isn’t what most people look for when they’re doing their Ocado grocery shop, so I thought I’d give you a quick insight into some of the fab beauty bits I love on their website, so you can sneak a few in your basket too!

Moxi Loves - Dry Shampoo Sheets


I couldn’t not mention my own product in a list of Ocado favs, could I?!

Honestly, I was so excited to get the Moxi Loves products listed on the Ocado website, so people like me who love to put a little beauty treat in the basket with their weekly shop could get a chance to try the Moxi brand.

The dry shampoo sheets are amazing, especially for on the go as you can just chuck them in your handbag. All you have to do is blot the sheet onto your hair and it absorbs any excess oil, without leaving that ‘chalky’ look behind as so many dry shampoos do. They’re eco- friendly, too!

Moxi Loves: NIP FAB


I’ve raved about the Nip and Fab glycolic pads before, so I just had to mention this product when I saw that Ocado stocked it.

I looooove their whole glycolic acid range, and the Daily Liquid Glow is no exception. The light exfoliation keeps my skin clear and smooth, while the added hyaluronic acid works with it to give a natural looking glow.

I really recommend adding an acid-based toner into your skincare routine either this one, or Ocado stocks loads of others! Honestly, they do wonders for your skin.

Moxi Loves - James Reed GRADUAL TAN DROPS


I absolutely love a water-based tan, as I feel it gives you the most natural, streak-free finish without that orangey colour that none of us are striving for.

For the face, though, I tend to lean towards tanning drops rather than the spray versions so that I can control how much I’m using. So these James Read gradual water-based tan drops are a win-win!

You can mix them into your moisturiser or serum as an extra step in your skincare routine, and wake up in the morning with a lovely bronzed glow.



Being a nail-technician myself, I constantly have to make sure I’m keeping my kit stocked up ready for anything. I was so pleased to find that the Ocado website has so many nail polishes and nail-kit essentials!

Just one of my favourite finds is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes, which I’m a huuuuge fan of always. I love that I can just add one of these - or any of the other amazing nail polishes they stock, like Essie – onto my food shop, so that I don’t have to go searching elsewhere. It’s so convenient!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel really does give you that gel-nail salon finish, without having to use a lamp or mess around with loads of other products. Just pop the top-coat on after (this particular one comes with the top coat as a duo, which I love) and you’re good to go.



Although it’s safe to say we’ve had less events and parties to go to this year than usual, I’m still a big fan of a false lash when I’m wanting to take my makeup look to the next level.

Ocado stock quite a range of Eyelure lashes, which is great because they’ve been a staple in my makeup bag for years now.

I particularly love these ‘Oops-a-Daisy’ falsies from their ‘Enchanted’ range, as they’re lovely and fluttery without being too dramatic not that too dramatic is bad, but my face definitely suits a subtler look.

Moxi Loves - Evolve Organic Hyaluronic Serum


One of my favourite things about Ocado’s beauty section is that, alongside all the big brands we know and love, they have an absolute treasure trove of independent businesses. I love being able to find new things and broaden my horizons – and it’s so easy!

I’m so easily drawn in to anything with hyaluronic acid as it’s main ingredient, I just love how smooth and hydrated it makes my skin feel. When I saw this hyaluronic serum by Evolve, I knew I’d love it.

Evolve’s brand ethos is all about organic beauty, and was created by a lady named Laura who wanted to make it easy for people to take small steps into greener living. How lovely is that!

Ocado have even got a whole section of their website dedicated to organic, cruelty-free and vegan beauty, making shopping so much easier to navigate.


Happy shopping everyone! Love, Pam xx

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