Primark Must-Buys Autumn 2020

If you're anything like me, there's just something about a good Primark bargain that you can't resist. Especially in the autumn/winter season - the cosy pj sets and little gifts just draw me in!

Now, first thing's first, let's talk stationary. It's back to school season, which means that the shelves are full of cute pens, planners and notebooks galore.

As a 30-year-old woman, back to school doesn't technically apply to me, but there's just something about new stationary that fills me with joy and makes me want to organise my life.

Firstly, I absolutely loved this little gold paper clip set - they're so expensive looking for only €4! I just think they'd look so pretty displayed in some little glass jars or a clear acrylic desk organiser.

Gold Stationary Clip Set

Onto the homeware/bits and bobs section - a personal fav of mine - and Primark are just killing it with the homeware at the minute.

I have a deep obsession with Primark's fake plants. They're just SO good for so cheap, and it's very rare I walk away from a shopping trip without one.

These were just two of my favs, the little faux lemon tree is too cute and I won't lie, I regret not taking it home with me. Also, is it just me or does that gold potted plant look like something you'd get at the higher end stores for €100?!


Faux Lemon Plant & Gold Potted Plant

Not really 'homeware' as such but this Mickey/Minnie Mouse pet range deserves special mention because, I mean, look at that Minnie dog bowl! If Tallulah (my fur baby) didn't already have far too many, it would've been straight in my

Mickey Mouse Dog Bed & Minnie Mouse Pet Bowl

More of a 'bits and bobs' find but I just had to include this magnetic phone holder. I literally paid double the price for one of these on Amazon and it looks the EXACT same. Primark always manage to come out with the affordable options for everything!

Magnetic Phone Holder

The beauty section is my number one place for a hidden bargain, and it didn't disappoint!

I managed to pick up this little pink makeup bag that I'm absolutely in love with, it's just perfect for carrying essentials on-the-go and the colour is perfect for my Barbie-pink obsession.

Pink Travel Makeup Bag

My next find was this set of 100 false nails for just €3.50, which I just had to pick up for my kit, they're soooo handy and normally cost way more for a pack this size. Absolute bargain!


Salon 100 Piece Pointed False Nail Set

While this post isn't sponsored by Primark (I genuinely do just love them), I obviously have to include my own product in a Primark must-buys. The Moxi Loves Bare Faced Cleansing Pads are in the skincare section and are sooo soft and gentle on the skin. You can pick them up for just €3.95!

Moxi Loves Bare Faced Cleansing Pads

Next on my list was to pick up a few cosy essentials now the cold's setting in, and I'm an absolute sucker for loungewear sets during the autumn/winter (and all year round if I'm being completely honest with myself).

I love this Barbie set so much, especially since you can mix and match the shorts or long bottoms depending on the weather. The fabric is so cosy too!

Barbie Loungewear Set

On the same wavelength, I'm a huge fan of these wireless bras. They're soooo comfy and perfect to go under the 1000 pairs of loungewear that I seem to be accumulating. The removeable cups are so handy as well depending on what sort of fit you're after!

3 pack wireless Bras 

Last but not least, I spotted these 'Microwavable Hotties' (how good is that name?!) which are perfect for the colder weather. I definitely needall the hot water bottles during the chilly season, and these adorable guys are the perfect alternative. You pop them in the microwave and they are soooooo toasty!


Penguin Hotties


I hope you find these recommendations useful!

Love, Pam xx

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