Welcome your new hair life-saver, the latest in innovative beauty from Moxi Loves. Rethinking dry shampoo, these clever little sheets will soak up excess oil and grease in your hair the same way an aerosol would, leaving you with fresh, clean looking hair with no residue. Travelling becomes easier - they don’t have to go in your plastic liquids bag - and they slot neatly into even the tiniest of clutch bags too. With Moxi Loves dry shampoo blotting sheets,

you’ll also be helping the environment. They’re biodegradable, and washing your hair less often means you save water, use less shampoo and end up with less waste. Your hair benefits too, because daily washing can strip your hair of its natural oils... The type of oils you need to keep it healthy and shiny!


How to use:

Pat or rub the coated side of the sheet onto the roots of the hair.  You can press on areas most in need of oil/grease absorption  They also work to tame any static or frizz.