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Pamela Laird. The name that everyone who’s anyone in the Irish beauty industry has heard, and used, on more than one occasion. She’s the first call when you need the nails for a photoshoot to be, well... nailed. She’s on the last-dialled list of models, editors and beauty experts thanks to her expertise in pretty much every aspect of the beautisphere. “I have wanted my own product line for as long as I can remember,” Pam says, “and I guess everyone assumed it would be nail related?” You took the words right out of our mouths. So if not nails, then what? What indeed...

Beauty problem solvers with an edge. Instant essentials you’ll buy over and over again. Clever little beauty hacks you’ll be itching to scream about to your lipstick/liner/lash-loving mates, that’s what. They’re the beauty essentials you didn’t know you needed.

“To me, the brand makes skincare fun and easy,” Pam explains. And we all know: As much as we’d like to think we’ll religiously cleanse, tone, moisturise, condition, use eye cream, perform weekly face massage rituals and sacrifice a small animal to the skincare gods every night... We don’t. Convenience and ease of use is what we’re after. Enter Pamela and her brainchild: MOXI LOVES.

“I wanted convenient products, but without having to compromise on the quality,” says Pam. And so it was. MOXI LOVES is about minimal, considered ingredients. Smart, quick, practical bits of kit that will simplify your routine. Real-life beauty knowledge and years of experience behind each concept, making sure that you’re not left rolling your (mascara covered) eyes, wishing for a product that worked with you, not against you.

MOXI LOVES knows you fling things into your handbag on the way out the door (you’re busy, okay??), that at least once a week you sleep in your make-up (tut tut!) and that when you make even the smallest investment in a product you want it to perform.

The products, tried, tested and tested again by Pamela and her beauty-loving inner circle, are like the iPhone of beauty–in a few years we’ll all be completely dependent, not knowing how we survived before they came along.

The range is building (as we speak! Pam says: “I have 15 product ideas stored and ready to unleash when the time is right!”) but the products that already exist are not only totally unique, but exciting in their ingenuity. Nifty, individually wrapped cotton buds that work wonders on eye make-up in an instant–panda eyes are only cute when it’s a Snapchat filter. Packaging that grabs you, informs you and solves your beauty problem in one go.

Two years of expert trialling, combined with lots of love, sweat and tears, went into creating the MOXI LOVES, and now?

It’s ready for that close-up. What are you waiting for?